I was always fascinated by portraits - their capacity to reveal so much about a person within the format of a beautiful work of art. I first realized I had the talent to bring a person to life with paper and pencil while in high school. Studying literature and philosophy in Cleveland, I was later introduced to portrait painting at the Cleveland Institute of Art and I continued my study of painting at the Art Student's League with Everett R. Kinstler. In 1976, I joined a portrait gallery in New York City which at the time represented the country's finest and most accomplished talent in the Fine Art of portraiture.

My approach to portraiture is to convey the unique consciousness of that individual. My goal to inspire in the viewer a sensitivity toward and interest in that person; and in a posthumous portrait, provide a rich and vibrant memory.

Irene Hecht is represented by Sewell Fine Portraiture, LLC.

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